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Jamie and Joy

Yesterday we fetched Jamie in Manenberg. Jamie, is an 11 year old neurological pain sufferer, he is a very mature and insightful young boy, so beyond his years and other kids of his age. We took him to Joy, who is an energy healer and body balancing therapist. Joy heals with an energy that is quite overwhelming at first as you feel her vibrations which are warm and enveloping, you just know that something is happening, You can be sceptical, we all are initially, but you soon realise that it works, no questions asked.

Jamie was excited to go to Joy, overjoyed that he had no more pain since his first session two weeks ago, he was hopeful that he was going to be distancing himself from this dreadful neurological pain disease that he has suffered from since he was 2 years old. Not only is he pain free, but he told us of many positive changes since his first session with Joy. He is now seeing his life without pain and in a whole new, non stressful light, following his new found strength, knowing that there is help out there and that people believe in him and can help him repair. The empathy and caring alone is a major factor.

Jamie has been in immense pain with no medical diagnosis for 9 years. His mom struggled to look after him in the grips of the pain and thinking that this would be their lot for the rest of their lives, she had to carry him to school on days that he could not walk. This kind of pain is extremely high on the pain scale, it is registered as the highest pain known in medical science and like CRPS, another neurological pain disease, it switches on for reasons not yet known to us, There is no medical reason for this pain, but it is very real. There obviously is some kind of intrinsic reason why these kids are prone to these nerve pain diseases, but this still needs to be determined. We do know that it is auto-immune, which means the body is fighting itself, we also know it is an incorrect message of pain sent to the brain that gets stuck in a continual cycle. We also know that the brain learns to improve on this pain and therefore intensifies, the pain amplifies daily. The pain exacerbates with increased anxiety and lack of movement as it tends to spiral out of control. The lives of these sufferers becomes unbearable as they are unable to play with their friends, attend school or do any normal activities that kids love doing. Their lives and the lives of their family and friends are held captive by the pain disease and life grinds to a halt.

Depression and disillusionment take over, as they feel like nobody can help them, or nobody wants to help them as medically they are fit and healthy.

This nerve/neurological pain disease is a menace as it can be brought on by stress and emotions and therefore needs the type of healing that can have a positive effect on the emotions and this is exactly what Joy does. She realigns the inner soul to cope with skills that will enable the kids to overcome the fear and panic of the pain and to realise that with a bit of understanding and empathy they can learn what it is that triggers the pain and they can face this reality with intent to overcome these triggers and have the coping skills to deal with these triggers.

Jamie is a real gem and he has been open to this holistic wellness treatment. He and Joy have a wonderful connection and we realise that her healing works well with these kids in pain. Jamie can vouch for this.

We know for a fact that CRPS can be treated, maybe not always medically but it is known to us that holistic treatments can do wonders for these kids in pain.

As Jed always says:

If we can do it so can you.

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