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Don't wait for doctors

Our pain clinic go full on to change the mind set of the fear of CRPS and most of the kids may get 1 flare...a few struggle a bit after the treatment...but most never have a flare again. I so wish other hospitals would contact them to learn how they do it. But it is the empathy and the passion that make the hospital succeed in helping each kid get rid of CRPS...not the meds...most hospitals rely on meds and physio without conquering their fear of CRPS ...if the hospitals can't do it...we have to help the kids do little step every day in overpowering that fear.. and taking back their lives is can be done...

Don't wait for the hospital or the doctor or the

physio...they are it yourselves...start small...CRPS is not real injury is real...make them picture themselves without the pain and what a goal will be without pain in a few weeks... Get them a life coach.. who can help them CONQUER the pain.. Don't wait for the doctors/ hospitals...they do not do this or have the time or the passion

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