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A letter from a supermom, Hayleigh.

I was not going to post about this as it is a very difficult time for our family but I have decided to post because knowledge is power and if Heathers story can help empower another family or person then that will be a good thing. Heather was recently diagnosed with a rare painful condition of the autonomic nervous system known as CRPS/RSD (type 2). This is an extremely painful debilitating condition that has been rated the most painful condition known to modern medicine and on the MgGuil pain index which is what they use to measure pain it scored higher than cancer, child birth and limb amputation on the level of pain. It has been compared to having your arm cut off without anesthetic. For Heather this has caused a range of physical symptoms including a paralyzed hand and arm, and problems involving her heart and blood circulation to name a few. If it is left untreated it can result in complete paralyses and even require amputation. Heathers CRPS started spreading to her foot and she was loosing the ability to walk as wel,l so last week she was admitted to Hi Care of Greenacres hospital for a week to undergo intense treatment of Ketamin Infusions. The treatment did help stop the spread and she regained the use of the foot. BUT she still has no function of her hand and extreme pain. She is currently admitted at Auroura Hospital for Rehabilitation were she was very scared to be at first but things are looking positive now for her and she is loving the hydrotherapy which is one of the many she is receiving there. Pictured here she has received a care pack from the Jedi Tedi foundation which is the CRPS awareness foundation. They send a pack to every child in the world who is diagnosed with CRPS and are doing and amazing job creating awareness. Please keep us all in your prayers. The good news is this can and WILL be beaten! My baby girl is a fighter and she will pull through this!

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