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Words from Shana, Jed's mother

Stress is no good for CRPS as it is the nerves that determine the pain message to the brain and if they are aggravated then so too is the pain level. We used to give Jed rescue remedy, it's a herbal remedy taken by kids in stressful situations to help them calm, it helped Jed and even helped him sleep.

Please remember that CRPS does have a good prognosis with children as is proven medically, so please don't give up fighting for recuperation. Unfortunately, the hospitals and doctors do not always have the knowledge of how to treat this disease so we, as mother's, have to keep pushing the boundaries so our children can get the help that they deserve.

Please like our CRPS awareness Facebook page and read our blogs on our website.

We need everyone to acknowledge CRPS in children and to learn how to treat them. Also please feel free to fill in a form so we can send your CRPS warrior a Jedi Tedi package, so they know they are not alone.

Stay strong.

Shana Kagan

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