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One day in the life of CRPS

One day when Jed was experiencing "full blown" CRPS, we thought to make him feel better we will take him out for the day. We helped him to the car, all cushioned and protected and comfortable. We landed up at a beautiful place, which had a restaurant and peaceful gardens.

When we got there, Jed saw the children playing ball in the park. It was at that moment that he started crying and he never stopped the rest of the day. He had convinced himself that he would never play or walk again.

At the age of 10 years old, my son Jed developed a case of intense anxiety and depression. One night he was in such a state, he took a plastic bag and put it over his head. I pulled it off him as he was already breathing in the plastic. We never left him alone again until his admission.

A year and 5 months from in hospital treatment, he is totally back to being a normal kid! We even joke about him being CRPSY.

We thought we would never have our old happy, fun loving, kind, empathetic Jedi back.


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