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Jedi Tedi Foundation Poem

This is a story about a boy named Jed, who was in great pain he could not get out of bed. At the age of 2 he was diagnosed with CRPS, which has caused him sadness and a great deal of stress. CRPS is complex regional pain syndrome which affects arms, legs, hands, or feet- It is extremely painful and difficult to treat. Luckily he recovered and happy we were, but what he did not realize is that it’s a disease that does reoccur.

Jed is now 10 years old, in 2016 the pain returned strong and bold. Bed ridden he was, unable to attend school or play any sport. In a great rut, poor Jed was caught. Pill after pill, doctors rooms for many hours, Jed had given up on all his youthful powers. But low and behold, an angel in disguise, the Red Cross Children's hospital took us by surprise.

The hospital put us in touch with other families going through the same thing, and we underestimated how much support these families would bring. We realized that we were not on this journey on our own and the last thing they wanted was for us to feel alone. The Sisters gave him goals that he must execute and engage, and slowly but surely we witnessed our old Jed taking centre stage

After the 6 months of Jed's excruciating pain, we realized there was a lot from his journey that we could gain. To spread awareness and share the love, together we had sworn- and that is when the idea of Jedi Tedi was born.

So you're now a part of the Jedi Tedi family- we welcome you to the troop. Let us all strive together to raise awareness and form a pay-it-forward group.

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