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A message from another CRPS mom, Jill Schulman

''I had Shana, she had Chantal, and this is pay it forward time It’s a pooling of resources so that we can carry each other. I know that Itai didn’t even for a moment think he wouldn’t recover, because he had Jed as an example, and had actually heard about CRPS from Jed and Shana’s awareness raising campaign. So when i got the call re the diagnosis, once I’d finished rambling around the pharmacy in a daze of shock, I went home and had to talk to him about what was going on. We were able to say, yes, CRPS like Jed had. He was also in shock. And then I asked him, “how is Jed now?” He said “Fine, mommy, he’s better.” And then I said that’s the one thing you remember, even f this gets bad, and takes a long time to get well, you remember that Jed is fine, and you will be too. He never, ever had a moment of doubt about that, not even when it was really bad. Our kids need to be surrounded by positivity so that they can stay strong , and so that when the time comes to fight, they know what they’re doing it for, and that they’re going to join a band of warriors on the other side.''

Their strength awes me.

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