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Finding support and help: how Jedi Tedi can make a difference

Please know that these younger children have a good prognosis of recovery under a year of the diagnosis...fight fight fight...we have 14 children with no pain, on no medication and having no therapy, all treated at our very special Red,Cross Children's Hospital...Gosh is supposed to be in contact with our hospital to learn the treatments used...we are hoping to fund our pain crps sister and physiotherapist to fly to gosh and other hospitals,to show them how our children are pain free with no echoes...pls join our positive mom'S group..if you want to fight this fight and win...and you still have the time... Do not give not allow these children to Jed is now totally back to a normal life and we are very passionate to make this happen...please help us help these children all over the world...why has medicine and doctors pushed them aside when they can get help.........

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