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A message from a Jedi Tedi ambassador, Huyaam Samuels

Hi Shana. How are you doing? Wow! Thanks for the exceptionally amazing post you did on the Jedi-Tedi Page about me- it’s super! I am so surprised and honoured you chose me as your inspirational ambassador- I cannot thank you enough . I hope to make you all proud and to represent the Jedi-Tedi Foundation in so many ways! I love this organization, it’s very close to my heart as it’s about pain and it has a very, very bright and big future ahead. Pain will be tackled. You and Jed will help so many out there! Together we shall stand united with the Jedi-Tedi Foundation . Much love please thank everyone in the organisation and your son too. Wishing him all the best for the week of school ahead. Have a lovely week Shana! Next item of merchandise- should be T-shirts for Jedi-Tedi! People would buy them!!! Your voice echos and so does your son’s! You’re an amazing woman and mother- the advice and the manner in which you spoke about pain is what needs of be heard. I still remember each and every word you spoke when you visited me. Cannot wait for your book to be released ! Much love and regards Huyaam and family.

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